Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 Layout and Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Beautify your kitchen and increase its utility factor by remodeling it one of these layouts and designs: single-line or one-wall kitchen layout, galley or corridor style kitchen layout, L-shape kitchen layout, island or double-L kitchen layout, U-shape kitchen layout, modern or contemporary kitchen design, or traditional kitchen design.

The kitchen is one of the family’s favorite parts of the house. It is because this is where moms usually prepare food for the family and is where the family gets to socialize. Since the kitchen is the “core” of the house, every home owner should understand that it must look beautiful and be spacious enough for free movements. An unplanned kitchen usually results in remodeling. Hiring a kitchen remodeler is the best way to get your dream kitchen. Here are some kitchen layouts and designs that you might want to consider.


Kitchen layouts generally refer to the arrangement of the kitchen. A well-planned layout improves kitchen work flow and lessens traffic. Below are common kitchen layouts:

Single-line or one-wall kitchen layout

This kitchen layout is best for long and narrow kitchens with very limited space, especially in apartments or small homes. This layout is very simple and inexpensive. In this layout, the sink, counters, stove, refrigerator, and the cabinets are all located along one wall of the kitchen. Though, you may have to endure walking long distances from one end to the other, it is ideal to put the sink at the middle of the arrangement and make spaces in between for the other furniture or appliances.

Galley or corridor style kitchen layout

This layout is the choice of professional cooks because it basically provides an efficient use of space and makes the area highly functional. The sink, counters, stove, and cabinets are placed along two sides of the kitchen, allowing a bigger space at the center for turning around. It is ideal to put the cooking and preparing area on one side and the washing on the other.

L-shape kitchen layout

This layout is probably the most popular and is ideal for family kitchens. You can also entertain guests with this layout because it creates adequate space for a table and some chairs. Utilizing two adjoining walls of the room, this layout is very flexible for movement, reduces traffic, and has ample room for appliances.

Island or double-L kitchen layout

This kitchen layout is also very popular and is perfect for kitchens with bigger spaces. It utilizes the L-shape kitchen layout but has an additional smaller “L” parallel to the bigger one or at the center of the kitchen. The “island” holds the stove and an extra sink.

U-shape kitchen layout

This classic layout keeps good work flow in the kitchen. It utilizes the galley or corridor kitchen layout but has a closed end on one side. This arrangement provides additional spaces for storage.


When talking about kitchen designs, you are referring to the theme of the kitchen and what makes the room attractive. Here are some ideas:

Modern or contemporary kitchen design

A modern or contemporary kitchen appears fresh, clean, spacious, updated, and looks trendy. These kitchens are painted in bright colors or two tones, like black and white or red and white. Appliances are minimal and are usually in metallic colors. All cabinets are of very simple designs.

Traditional kitchen design

Traditional kitchen designs give a warm, welcoming ambiance to any kitchen. Its style is inspired by history, and furniture or cabinets designs are crafted mostly of wood and stone. Unlike modern designs, kitchens of this designs are decorated lavishly.

Remodeling your kitchen needs careful planning. Always consider the functionality of the room first before the decorations.


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