Saturday, May 22, 2010


My bestfriend’s birthday is coming up. So, I thought of making spring rolls. I have to choose what vegetables I have to use because most of his family members don’t eat vegetables. So I prefered to use cabbage and carrots; they like these two vegetables,(at least) and ground beef. Guess what? A day before my bestfriend’s birthday I made 25 pieces as a trial and guess what? His Granny was able to eat almost half of it. Everybody has surely like the spring roll I made with a sweet and sour sauce for dip. Hearing a comment such as “ohm…If you didn’t cook that dish, I don’t know if I can be able to eat a food like for the rest of my life”, sound like bells to my ears. If they ever like it, especially the one who made that comment, (he doesn’t eat vegetables) I am sure visitors would like my spring roll. Do you know how many did I make? Well, a hundred pieces and it's like a blockbuster movie that day. At the end of the day, the family decided to include my spring roll for family tradition dish, just like the cottage cheese that they always have.


I came here in Michigan on February 16 to venture for new adventure. As always, anywhere I go I would still look for Filipino food to eat. There's is one family who is so generous to let me stay at their house. Well, obviously I would say that bread, pizzas, mac n chiz, potatoes in different varieties: mashed, fries, baked, etc. are the common meal that they are having. I have a bestfriend here whom is so nice that would always bring me to Chinese restaurants during his rest days. A Week passed I thought I will survive not having Filipino foods. Waaaahh, I am craving for Filipino foods. Eating at a Chinese restaurant could ease the craving but still my taste bud is crying for Filipino dishes. So, this craving must END. I asked my bestfriend to drive to the fruit/vegetable market and grocery stores and buy the ingredients I needed for each menu that I have in my mind. The very first meal I cooked is vegetable stir fry, with a little help from Mama Sita’s ready mix seasoning, my stir fry veggies became a success, yipee!!! The next day, I fixed sweet and sour pork, I had to have the pork breaded with Italian bread crumbs before I fry it and mix in the sweet and sour mixture I made, of course, I love vegetable, so, I put carrots in it. My bestfriend's family and him really loves that and the next day he went to work he started bragging to his coworker that I AM AN EXCELLENT COOK, whew!!! So, that started my cooking career,hahahaha