Saturday, May 22, 2010


I came here in Michigan on February 16 to venture for new adventure. As always, anywhere I go I would still look for Filipino food to eat. There's is one family who is so generous to let me stay at their house. Well, obviously I would say that bread, pizzas, mac n chiz, potatoes in different varieties: mashed, fries, baked, etc. are the common meal that they are having. I have a bestfriend here whom is so nice that would always bring me to Chinese restaurants during his rest days. A Week passed I thought I will survive not having Filipino foods. Waaaahh, I am craving for Filipino foods. Eating at a Chinese restaurant could ease the craving but still my taste bud is crying for Filipino dishes. So, this craving must END. I asked my bestfriend to drive to the fruit/vegetable market and grocery stores and buy the ingredients I needed for each menu that I have in my mind. The very first meal I cooked is vegetable stir fry, with a little help from Mama Sita’s ready mix seasoning, my stir fry veggies became a success, yipee!!! The next day, I fixed sweet and sour pork, I had to have the pork breaded with Italian bread crumbs before I fry it and mix in the sweet and sour mixture I made, of course, I love vegetable, so, I put carrots in it. My bestfriend's family and him really loves that and the next day he went to work he started bragging to his coworker that I AM AN EXCELLENT COOK, whew!!! So, that started my cooking career,hahahaha

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